SNV is an international non-profit development organization established in the Netherlands in 1965. It has been active in developing countries for more than 50 years, and now operates in 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. SNV is dedicated to a society in which all people, regardless of race, class or gender, enjoy the freedom to pursue their own sustainable development.

Known for its strong ability to implement and administer complex and large programs for many donors, SNV supports a portfolio of activities worth €130 million per year. Through the implementation of projects, advisory services, a knowledge network and advocacy support, SNV experts strengthen the capacity of local communities, businesses and organizations to become self-reliant, more effective and contribute to the reduction of extreme poverty and good governance.

SNV focuses on issues related to agriculture, food, energy, sanitation and water, four global challenges that strongly influence the opportunities of the poor and are closely linked to climate change. In Mali, where interventions began in 1979, the organisation has offices in Bamako, Ségou, Sikasso, Gao and will open a new station in Mopti. SNV works directly and through its partners in the Bamako district and the regions of Koulikoro, Kayes and Timbuktu.

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